Pre PR Reflections

Pre PR Reflections

Prior to this class as a whole, being a Public Relations major, you would think I would know the proper definition to define it properly. I defined public relations as the relationship between a company and the public; it connects the world to a brand and how it is perceived. I still think this can be a good starter for a more detailed definition. The definition provided by me, even without further knowledge, is only scratching the surface of the true definition. Being in the Public Relations and Advertising field, the two fields often times get intertwined and smushed together. Even when people ask what public relations is, I feel like there is no concise way to tell them. It usually starts with a blank stare, then an “umm…”, and a homemade definition that usually ends up being a definition for advertising instead of Public Relations. Being a beginner I the field, I of course will not know everything that I need to or I am supposed to, but that is all a part of the process.

Getting more in depth with prior knowledge, public relations people are the fire fighters. They put out “fires” in the industry before situations become catastrophes. When things go wrong, bad things are said and some idiot needs a good bailing out, the people in the PR world are the first ones to be called. Contrary to advertising, it is done after more so than before. Public relations would be a ton more effective if it were utilized beforehand rather than when damage is already done. “Too little too late” seems to be the theme in the PR world, but we are still called upon to do or jib in every imaginable field to put out some kind if theoretical fire. No industry could stay afloat without the help of people in the Public Relations field and I wish more people would realize that so we could be appreciated sooner than later.


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