Social Media and Public Relations

Social media is the heart of this generation. Apps and websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more have become outlets for people to speak on current topics and ultimately say what is on their mind. Now what comes out of the mouths of people is always a topic of discussion. Some take their right of freedom of speech to the highest possible level and some completely cross the level of what is appropriate and what is not. Controversial topics are always trending and open for discussion, but some know how to do and some could learn a few things.

The ever growing popularity of social media has been picked up by celebrities so they can connect to their fans and speak on current topics on a pedestal because of their large followings. With celebrities having access to say what they feel without consenting their publicists before submission, this leads to a lot of “foot in mouth” situations. It is so much worse to have a slip up of your words on social media because it will never die. People will save, screenshot and send until the whole world sees what you did. With being a celebrity, you are your own brand and when you taint the name of your brand, you need the help of Public Relations professionals to clear your name.

There have been a few situations that have stuck out over the course of this social media fad that have been bigger than needing a simple “sorry” to clear their name after something they said or did. An incident back in 2010 from celebrity heiress Paris Hilton made people think twice about her shenanigans. The celebrity was caught with cocaine in her Chanel bag and when she was confronted about the drugs, she denied the claim and said that the purse belonged to a friend. Contrary to her explanation, she tweeted earlier in the day about her new purse and she was later convicted. (Books, 2015). A prime example of thinking before you tweet.

Another example of a celebrity behaving badly on a social media engine would be almost every celebrity now. If you have a twitter and you follow any kind of celebrity, you see some kind of mishap almost daily. Thinking before you act needs to be the most general precaution when it comes to social media. Being careful is way easier and cost effective than screwing up and needing to hire a public relations professional to clean up yet another mess. Your reputation is at stake and your fans view of you is as well. Free speech is the motive when it comes to social media, but is it being taken too far? Are people too sensitive? Should we care? All of this is up for debate, but my advice would simply be, think before you post; for your sake and for others’.

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